Collective experimentation between science, performance and publications
Cephalopedia is a loose-knit international group of experimental artists and performers, combining traditional and innovative sound media, dance and theatre, with a neuroscience edge. Our performances involve improvisation, chance, audience participation, as well as an interest and use of technology to read states in the mind and body.
Featuring: Aiste Noreikaite, Berenice Benjelloun, David Mayor, Inês Rolo Amado Martha Hellion, Olly Dowlen, Tony Steffert, Zoë Dowlen and a cast of thousands.


A New Pair of ShoesStudy Day BEAU GESTE PRESS Conference, Musée d’art Contemporain, Bordeaux 29th March 2017. Aiste Norekaite and Zoe Dowlen performing a set of fluxus scores whilst wearing the experience helmets.