Hazard Zone A collaborative dance/art project with Zdenka Svíteková

“As in all of nature, our patterns are layered into landscapes, changing each moment, while maintaining a sense of continuity and longevity.”
Tracing a parallel between the body of Earth and the body of a human being, this work develops a vision of the human body through the prism of geological phenomena. It is meant as a poetic and a metaphorical vision.

Invited onto this project by Zdenka during our residency at the Cité International des Arts, Paris (2017). Since then we have continued to collaborate on this work. The work itself explores touch and layers of the body in movement and in stillness. As part of the research we have been working with various experts in manual therapies (fascia therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy) as well as contemporary dancers and mentors. We have also experimented with different modes and forms of performance and collaborative processes.

The project involved performances in Paris, Czech Republic and Iceland from 2017-19.