Anywhere on Earth
Celebrating the New Year with all the time zones

The idea is simple: to celebrate the turning of the year in every time zone and in doing so celebrate that we are living on a sphere spinning in space. 
 The earth revolves every day but the change of year is poignant: the countdown to the stroke of midnight, fireworks, local customs etc. Our measurement of time is a human construction which we have come to believe. With this celebration we wish to recognize and celebrate other perceptions of time and question the premise of our current euro-centric paradigm. Baker Island and Howland Island are the last parts of the earth that celebrate the new year and from this final time zone in the 26 hour celebration we take the name of this performance: AoE – Anywhere on Earth. The project “Anywhere on Earth” was first conceived in 2007 in New York under the title “Towards a New Internationalism”.It was enacted 2008–9 in Luzern, 2009–10 in London, 2010–11 in Luzern, 2011–12 in Glasgow, 2012–13 in Welwyn Garden City, 2013–14 in Luzern and 2017–18 in Berlin by invitation of Annett Höland. Last year, 2018-19 the party was held in Liechtenstein.
2018-2019 the ritual reached its highest point with a 26 hour event held at Haus Am Gleis Liechtenstein. We (Annett Höland and Zoë Dowlen) brought together a packed program of contributions from over 26 artists from all over the world these included videos, live performances, concerts, live video feeds, installations, rituals from around the world and more. We even had a live green-screen room where people could see themselves super imposed on various backgrounds. Annett designed a beautiful booklet to go with the event. previous6years.jpg