Love Songs for Broken Things- In the in-between,

Love Songs for Broken Things is an invitation to sit with the broken and play amongst the ruins. It is an attempt to touch loss with playful fingers and to hold imperfection and uncertainty with attention and care.

Love Songs for Broken Things was developed on an unofficial three-day residency in Kunstpavillion Luzern organised by Andrea Fortmann, with a small private showing on the 25th September 2022. It was subsequently shown at (Ort) Luzern, organised by Judith Huber, on the 26th October 2022.

Audience responses:
"Love Songs for Broken Things wirkt so poetisch verspielt wie präzis im Detail und logisch komponiert."
Th.K.J. M. (Kunstler, Komposition, Saxophon) October 2022 performance at (Ort)

I am currently looking for funding to develop the piece and places to perform it.